I like very much free multiplayer browser games. You do not neet to signup; you do not need to pay money. It’s as simple as input a nickname and click a button. So I’m always looking for new ones. There are a lot of sites listing those games but I’m not satisfied with them. Many uses frames for games; many uses a games sorting system I don’t understand… and so on. So I made mine 🙂

Sure! Just fill the Game submission form! I’ll try to review the game as soon as possible.

On this site I only list games that:

Are multiplayers.
Work right in the browser. No download needed.
Are totally free.
Are very simple and intuitive
and finally… those that I like 🙂

In the “Last added games” section you’ll find the last 4 added games (the last one is the first on the left). I will not add more than 4 games/day (but usually much less than that). So new added games will stay here at least one day.

In the “All games” section you’ll find all games. They are primarily sorted on how many visitors this site got, in the past 60 minutes, from their site. If a game is good it has a lot of players so it also will send here (linking this site) more users. So better games are on top. After those games you’ll find all other games sorted by added date.

Absolutely not. But it will help me a lot to make this site better; and will make your game’s position higher on the home page.

Absolutely not. Listing is, and will always, be free!

I’ts up to you. Every game has your special design so I don’t want to interfere with this. Simply add a button/text linking to You do not need any special code. When a new user arrives the system gets the referrer site’s (filtering abuses) and calculate actual ranking.
It is better that if you use a link text use “Multi Player Browser games” as text; or, if you use an image, use the same as “alt” tag.
That’s all; it’s easy and will help me a lot! Thank you!